ShowBox has been proven to be one of the best streaming services of the 21st century. On ShowBox, you can watch a plethora of films and TV shows. One amazing thing about ShowBox is that you can now access this service on laptops, PCs, Windows and other devices.

The ShowBox app will help you comfortably watch your favourite action movies in a time of need. Using ShowBox for PC and laptop is now possible today. It will help you have access to the top 10 action movies of 2018 on ShowBox app.

Avengers – The Infinity War:

This is a new American high intelligence film cascaded on Marvel Comics. The film is all about a gamut of avengers performing the role of well-known superheroes. This innovative film will be distributed by Walt Disney Studios and remains a production of Marvel Studios. The film comes with fantasy, adventure and action genres.


This Sci-Fi mystery film is pure American. The mysterious activities of this movie make it exceptional. Mute is a thriller film that has lots of intelligent lessons to teach viewers. The catch in this movie is the deal about resolving a mystery. This makes the film one of the best thriller action movies on ShowBox app.

Red Sparrow:

Spy films often teach people a lot of thing and Red Sparrow is one of the best movies out there. The concept and ideology of this movie is derived from a novel that existed since 2013. There is a mysterious thriller section in this movie for fans. If you like watching movies along with your family and friends, then give Red Sparrow a try.

Solo – A Star Wars Story:

This is an American Space Western film that’s simply known as Solo. In this film, you will discover fantasy, adventure and action genres. If you like to watch films with different categories or sections, then Solo is a great choice.

Tomb Raider:

An American upcoming adventure film that will shock the world is Tomb Raider. The film emanates from a video game with character existence since 2013. In fact, it is evident that this movie remains a reboot of the original Tomb Raider action movie. In this movie, the leading character is a woman that’s always available to display her skills and actions. Lara Croft happens to be an independent female child of a missing world.

Black Panther:

Earlier this year, Black Panther was released to shock the movie and entertainment world. This Superhero American film emanates from Marvel Comics and will help you see the beauty in the original book. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther remains the 18th film produced. The film is loaded with adventure and action. If you are looking for one of the best and most reliable Sci-Fi films on ShowBox, Black Panther is a great choice.


It is a Slasher American film with tons of amazing features. Halloween features horror genres and action parts. In the Halloween Franchise, this movie is the eleventh to be produced. This 2018 Halloween movie is among the few you will see this year.

A Wrinkle In Time:

This upcoming and new movie is full of adventure, fantasy and science. The concept of the film is from a 1962 novel with the same title. In this film, you will find some amazing characters that people know. A Wrinkle In Time is a fantasy movie that will shock you to the marrow.


This American Science Fiction horror film will be out of the cage in a couple of days. It is fully a horror movie for those that like one. In this film, you will discover fantasy, drama and adventure. Annihilation is the kind of film you will like to watch for a good entertainment.

Deadpool 2:

Another American action film with promising characters is Deadpool 2. It is a series to the original film for those who quickly forget events. This American Superhero film is fully comedy, adventure and action. If you are looking for a trusted and reliable action movie to watch on ShowBox, Deadpool 2 is a promising choice.

Action movies are interesting especially if you can find the right genres. With the ShowBox app, there is possible to find more interesting movies that can satisfy your quest.