A new subscription service has been announced by Microsoft for Xbox. The service will enable gamers to gain access and a console to internet solutions without paying anything. In the US, this amazing service is already functioning. With this service, players now have an access a console to the online gaming solution of Microsoft. It also includes the Game Pass for a single monthly fee.

Players can get the high-powered Xbox One X for an amount of thirty-five dollars monthly. Gamers can as well enjoy the service of the Xbox One S console for twenty-two dollars monthly. At the moment, the management has not mentioned if the service is available elsewhere apart from the US. Microsoft’s latest attempt to out-smart other rivals remains the new method of getting access to the console.

This means that Microsoft is doing everything to overpower both the Nintendo Switch and Sony PS to remain the leading player in the industry. In other platforms, you will discover that these subscription solutions have become well-known. In fact, audio and video content remain the platforms when you notice these amazing services from Microsoft. For games in a similar fashion like Amazon Prime and Netflix, Xbox Game Pass solution provides users access.

For gaming, Microsoft is now lowering barriers via its new and innovative Xbox subscription service. The Xbox All Access subscription solution provided by the tech giant called Microsoft is now making waves in the gaming industry. It will provide you the opportunity of getting games without having to pay for any charge. It is a great plan that also exposes you to the latest Xbox hardware without making any upfront payment.

Most gaming enthusiasts suffer from the large amount to pay when buying consoles. For this reason, it has become the largest problems that most people encounter today. The Microsoft new plan is designed to help subscribers gain access to Xbox Live Gold service. It will also help you enjoy the benefit of having the Xbox Game Pass for a stunning amount of twenty-seven dollars monthly. For a slight higher plan, you will have the access to premium Xbox One X system before any other person for twenty-four hours.

If you opt for services piecemeal and the console, both plans will offer more savings. For a space of twenty-four months, the Xbox One S will cost around five hundred and thirty dollars. Purchasing every piece separately will definitely cost the buyer around six hundred and fifty dollars. For a space of twenty-four months, the Xbox One X plan will cost you around eighty hundred and forty dollars. Purchasing each piece individually will lead to around eighty hundred and sixty dollars.


At the moment, it is evident that the Xbox One remains the cheapest option for a gaming console. While used Nintendo cost around 300$ and PS4 200$, the Xbox One can be bought for a lower price. Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold are included in all the access you get.