Do you really need a water softener in your home? While you might think that a water softener is the last thing you need in your home, there are many reasons why you need one. Because believe it or not most of the water found in the US is hard water. So what exactly is hard water and what does it have to do with a water softener? By definition, hard water is water that is rich in calcium and magnesium and might also contain, sulfur, limestone, lead, and iron. While technically speaking hard water is not bad for you, there are many reasons why it is not the best water. The process of eliminating water hardness is called softening. And this is where water softeners come in handy. Now let us look at some of the main reasons you a water softener is a good choice.

Minimize the number of times you repair pipes

How often do you call a plumber to repair or inspect a damaged water pipe? If your answer is often, then a water softener will be a good choice. Due to having huge amounts of calcium and magnesium, hard water leaves particles of these two minerals wherever it passes. These particles accumulate and cause blockages in water pipes. By softening your water you eliminate these minerals from your water supply saving yourself a lot of money in repair expenses.

Improve the quality of your clothes

Clothes are a basic human need. As such, it is important to maintain your clothes. Unfortunately, this is not always possible when using hard water. The latter type of water has been proven to damage fabric fibers in linen towels and even shirts. In fact, using hard water for laundry can reduce the lifespan of your clothes. Using water softeners such as Fleck can improve the quality of your clothes. It is also easier to use soft water for washing clothes as it lathers quickly compared to hard water.

Skin and hair friendly water

Hard water does not lather easily, which makes it hard to use for washing clothes and even washing our bodies. Speaking of our bodies, hard water has been known to cause skin dryness and since it does not lather easily, it is not the best if you love using shampoos. In fact, your hair shampoo will not have the desired effect on your hair if you use hard water. As if that is not bad enough, hard water forms molecular particles that trap the dirt coming out of your body. To remedy this invest in a home water softening system.

Improve the quality of water appliances

Your home has a lot of appliances that use water, from dishwashers, washing machines, to humidifiers. And all these appliances are mechanical machines that rely on a number of important components to work. Sadly, hard water causes these components to malfunction, which in turns shortens the expected lifespan of your appliances. The best way to maintain the quality of your home appliances is to buy a water softener. Soft water is safe to use on all appliances that require water.

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